Illustrations for bands, events & brands.

editorial, TRADITIONAL, inspired by nature,  organic, floral, ART-NOUVEAU, NEW ART-DECO, maps, line and/or paint

epic musical wave

Walking on the beach of Vlieland (NL), I realised that the waves actually looked like little hands and fingers. And then the thought of plastic polution made this come out of my pen.

This commission gave me all the oppertunity to create a totally awkward illustration. Without any hesitation on the weirdness of it. I tried to create an image capturing the musical world of the festival, which is safe nor hostile. It’s absurd and unfamiliar, but enticing and curious.

Complexity Fest is an adventurous and boundary pushing heavy music festival in the Patronaat venue in Haarlem, NL.

Heldere Plastic Soep
(Clear Plastic Soup)

Aargh! How I hate all the plastic packaging in the supermarket. When I stop and notice how little products are available without plastic stuck around it, it makes me sick. And makes me draw stuff like this.

(Passion Project 2018)

Illustration before moving

Haarlem in de Middeleeuwen
(Medieval Haarlem)

In 2018 me and my friends Marius Bruijn and Frank Petiet drew a superdetailed map of our hometown anno 1450. Marius is a historian, and especially passionate about medieval times. Frank is a passionate illustrator, like me. And the three of us worked for weeks to make the newest and oldest map of Haarlem to date.

Available as poster and also in a version with an actual medieval tour. Well written by Marius, as if you were right there in the year 1450 in Haarlem.

More info and pictures later!

(for desktoppers) In the meanwhile I advice you to move your mouse over the city to zoom in for the details.

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