Beer labels, beer booklets, beer brochures, glasses, brewers or café house styles. Everything to do with hops, yeast and grains on paper or online.

Special labels for special craftbeers

The first label that I did for Briljant Brouwhuis was the label for Stoeien met Stout. Little did we know the collection of special beers in the Briljant Brouwhuis arsenal, would turn out to be a special, different artwork each time.

Rob Alphenaar (the brewer) will give me an idea for each label to visualise and I make it. And sometimes it’s me entirely looking for a visual going with the name and taste of the beer.

For Slow Stepper we worked together with Patronaat Haarlem’s own Complexity Fest, for whom I’ve designed several gig-posters as well.

The artwork for Hannes de Vijfhoeker was drawn by the locally famous Hannes Kuiper.

For What’s Eating Gilbert (*the answer is grape), I made a hops and grape-duo, in the place where Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp used to be.

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The Style

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