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do you need a complete animated video, some animated details for your own video or a freelance inbetweener? hit me up!

My career started with a love for hand-drawn animation. I rolled into graphic design and illustration only to return, 20-ish years later to frame-by-frame animation. I love it! Because in animation there are no limits to the imagination and the creation of an entire world is at the tip of your pencil.

Released: 2008  |  4:39min  |  traditional animation (pencil, paper, computer)

“Furcoat” is my own favorite animation-short. Realized thanks to the hard work of a team of 11 hard working people in Budapest (HU).

Dekker: “Fur and cruelty are inseperably connected, and I want to encourage people to realize the impact it has on so many lives of sentient beings. When I see a furcoat: which is infact a coat made of dead, sewn-together animals, it makes my stumach turn and my heart skip a beat…”

SOON! More about Furcoat! Case study, background, artwork etc. Stay tuned!

Some say that climate change is the biggest problem of our generation. Denying climate change is the 21th century equivalent of saying the earth is flat. A changing climate is obviously our greatest threat: without a livable planet, there’s no human life possible and human problems are irrelevant. But what if we look at this problem a little different, a little less anthropocentric? What if the climate heating up is not a problem, but a cure to heal the planet’s biggest problem: human life. What if the planet is sweating out this threat to secure the planet’s existence itself? The earth is trying to get rid of us like a boiling frog. Noah’s ark turned Titanic, and half of us don’t even (want to) know or care.

SOON! More on Fever! Case study, background info about the song, artwork etc. Stay tuned!

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